Sell your crown and make a child smile!

We pay a portion of our proceeds to America’s Tooth Fairy.

Crowns4Kids provides you with a trusted, simple way to sell your removed gold crown teeth while helping change the lives of children who desperately need dental care.

Because we specialize in dental gold refining, we can pay you a higher price for your gold crown than you will receive from a local pawn shop or gold buyer, and even other online refining services. Plus, you can help at-risk children with dental needs.

So work with Crowns4Kids to get more for your gold crown or bridge while giving back!

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America Tooth Fairy

In addition to a worry-free transaction with Crowns4Kids, you can have the satisfaction that by selling to us, you also benefit children through our exclusive dental gold recycling partnership with America’s ToothFairy. We have created a way for your gold tooth to improve a child’s smile: a reward unmatched!


Along with the satisfaction of knowing your gold crown goes towards helping prevent a frown for a child, Crowns4Kids also offers a crown-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the proposed Payment Amount you receive by email from Crowns4Kids, simply let us know and we’ll return your tooth. See How it Works for more detail.